Colvita—For athletes!

Colvita—For athletes!

Oct 23rd 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen!

In 2008, a preparation dietary supplement and nutricosmetic COLVITA ®, which at that time was available only in direct sales and mail order, became popular in Poland. Mainly women made a sensational opinion about COLVITA ® and its vitalizing properties in rejuvenating treatments.
Bodybuilders are more concerned about stretch marks and skin condition than wrinkles. That is why I certify with three years of personal experience that COLVITA ® is the best product against stretch marks on the market. I know how effectively it stimulates collagen biosynthesis processes in the skin from within.
However, I devoted my sports image to the promotion of COLVITA ® also because of its use in supporting sports training, in particular the strain on the ligaments, fascias and tendons.
Experienced sportsmen like me know perfectly well that 90% of bones and muscles consist of collagen fibers. It is the ability to synthesize collagen in tendons, which weakens with age, that interrupts the career of many athletes and can be a drama for active people. When the physical condition is still good, when the muscles could still be trained there are no collagen biosynthesis processes in the tissues bonding the musculoskeletal system...
COLVITA ® has helped me to highly extend my sports career and even achieve my best results at the age of over 56. I have already recommended this derivative of the Polish biochemical discovery to many of my friends, including several outstanding American athletes. I collect the COLVITA ® good opinions from world-famous artists.

I therefore recommend COLVITA® to you as well. It is an excellent dietary supplement which:

  • stops the processes of collagen degradation in the skin, its aging and wrinkle, and is perfectly conducive to the disappearance of stretch marks, spots, scars, scars and traces of all dermatological problems;
  • causes a cyclic increase in plasma amino acid levels, which supports the anabolic synthesis of proteins in the body and accelerates the production of energy necessary for muscle contraction;
  • provides the body with exogenous amino acids derived directly from living collagen tri-spirals: lysine, methionine, leucine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, tryptophan, valine as well as a number of endogenous amino acids which greatly enhances the effects of the diet;
  • supports cartilage regeneration and helps to control joint pain due to training;
  • prolongs the body's ability to synthesize collagen in tendons and other parts of the musculoskeletal system.

COLVITA®. Extends older athletes' careers! Helps younger athletes increase training effort!

The product went through an anti-doping analysis no. S 201005881 of Center for Preventive Doping Research-German Sport University, a certified unit at IOC. It also has numerous internationally recognized certificates. COLVITA ® is produced under the pharmaceutical regime, in GMP, GSP and HACCP standards. This is one of the first dietary supplements manufactured in Poland in ISO 22000 standard certified no. 894/2010. The exclusive COLWAY distributor covers the product and trademark by the PPO protection right.

MAREK BORMAŃSKI (born in 1953). World Vice-Champion in Classical Bodybuilding of Veterans. An example of an athlete and a man living in harmony with the world and nature. He lived many years in the USA where was working, among others, in the White House during the term of George Bush Senior. He trained with the most famous bodybuilders of the world. After returning to Poland, he is engaged in renting real estates and supporting Polish biotechnological achievements. He has never been involved in any advertising campaigns nor commercial promotion of products as he was not completely convinced of any of the proposals. 

COLVITA ® is a dietary supplement that Marek has actually been using since 2007. That is why he made an exception for COLVITA ® as the most important for him is the conformity of words with reality and his own strong principles.            


Collagen is the most important protein in the human body. It is the main forming material of connective tissue, ligaments, fascias and ten-dons, among others. It determines the health of bones, teeth, joints and cartilage. The condition of the skin and progress of its aging process reflects its quality in the system. Collagen is a protein of condition, youth and fitness. Some of the (exogenous) amino acids that form collagen have to be supplied to the body in food. Deficiency of only one of them and of vitamin C causes deregulation of the body and e.g. scurvy. 

The biggest invention of Polish biochemistry in recent years was the method for extracting collagen from fish skin that remains the structure of super helix outside the donor organism. The obtained hydrate (and not hydrolysate!) is at once a bioche-mical sensation, which is just becoming world-famous. The gel formed by hydrated (and not hydrolyzed) collagen molecules can in turn be dehydrated. A lyophilisate is obtained through the freeze-drying of water vapor from the hydrate at a temperature of minus 40°C and under vacuum (about 1 Pa). 

Such obtained dry peptide mass is characterized by excellent solubility and strong hygroscopicity. A lyophi-lisate contains less than 2% of water and almost 98% of pure proteins, mainly biologically active micro-peptides composed of all collagen-forming amino acids. It occurs in the form of powder or granules. The process of isolating super helix collagen molecules from fish skin through hydration and release by separating from water molecules is inefficient and onerous, and thus costly. However, the properties of the final preparation prove to be quite sensational.

The NNU index for amino acids in the obtained powder is 98.96%, which is the highest protein isolate anabolicity in the world so far. Almost all amino acids of the peptides filling the COLVITA ® capsules occur in the form of molecules, the predecessors to the forming of new proteins in the body's tissues! 

That is why COLVITA ® is famous for being a capsule of youth and a collagen regenerator in the skin. COLVITA® is therefore a unique preparation.For the first time in the world history, these collagen capsules contain freeze-dried collagen molecules and not hydrolyzed non-woven fabric like it is usually when the advertisement uses the very marketing word collagen.

Micronized algae and vitamin E in active form complete the capsule composition. It was biotechnologically developed for the effectiveness of skin care from within.

COLVITA ® eliminates factors unfavorable to collagen biosynthesis processes, for example, the effects of a poor diet with amino acids, as well as side effects of taking a dose of testosterone over 100 mg per week, which disrupts collagen synthesis. It has been proved that systematic use of COLVITA ® increases the effectiveness of many products supporting collagen biosynthesis processes in fibroblasts and chondrocytes, collagen forming biological cells. COLVITA ® composes perfectly with such preparations as Deca, Equipoise, Anavar, Oxandrolone and Primobolan, and all vitamin ones. COLVITA ® enhances also the effectiveness of chondroitin sulfates, N-Acetylglucosamine and many other substances supporting sports training, for example, free amino acids isolated from much less anabolic hydrolysates of bovine collagen. 

The only contraindication for exceeding the supplemental standard RDA, 2 capsules of COLVITA ® a day, is hyperthyroidism. Apart from that, it is a completely safe preparation based only on natural ingredients. For people active in sports, it is recommended to take 4-8 capsules a day during meals. People on protein diet and those who take vitamin C, which determines the processes of proline hydroxylation and synthesis of other collagen molecules, achieve the best effects of using the potential of COLVITA ®.

Developed by Marek Bormański and Dr. Sergey Batieczko