Oral Collagen Supplementation Can Help Your Arthritis Pain

Oral Collagen Supplementation Can Help Your Arthritis Pain

Oct 26th 2018

Once you pass the age of 35, its time to think about yourself and your body. You are of that age now where you need to pay attention to your health and diet. Collagen is a major part of the connective tissues required to strengthen the bones in our body. In the past few years, there has been an increase in the awareness of oral collagen supplements. In contrast to commonly used animal protein hydrolysates, COLVITA uses a unique, patented process to isolate biologically active collagen. Amino acids resulting from the dissimilation of live 3-helix collagen are characterized by almost 100% anabolicity, which means that they are ready to be used to build our systemic collagen. This article will enlighten you with health benefits of why you should take collagen supplements. 

Relieve Arthritis Pain

As you age, the cartilage in your body weakens. You start to feel stiffness in your joints. To ease your achy joints, you need to supply your body with sufficient amounts of collagen. Otherwise, you may be at a risk of developing joint disorders, for instance, osteoarthritis. Taking collagen supplements will help to reduce the inflammation so the pain in your joints alleviates. Collagen supplement for arthritis will ease the pain in your joints and provide you with much-needed relief.

Prevent Bone Loss

The structure of our bones is mostly made of collagen, which keep the bones healthy and strong. With age, collagen in the body deteriorates, so does the bone mass, due to which health issues such as osteoporosis and bone fractures take place. If the results of your BMD test are below the required range, your bones lack the necessary amount of minerals and calcium. These are signs of you having weak bones, which means that you are more susceptible of developing osteoporosis.

Before it becomes too late, you need to take corrective action. Collagen supplements may help prevent the bones from weakening. These supplements help increase your BMD so your bones become strong. Ask your doctor what the required dosage is and start taking them as early as possible.

Although it is advisable that you try to consume collagen from food, sometimes you aren’t able to get the sufficient amount of nutrients. In such cases, it is advisable (with your doctor’s recommendation, of course) that for the sake of your health, you include supplement for arthritis in your diet.

Adding COLVITA oral collagen supplement to your health routine can help you to feel your best.