Blue Diamond Peeling Cream

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Size: 2.6 fl oz (75mL)


Home, active diamond microdermabrasion in an anti-aging cream.

 Diamond Peeling is the second cosmetic that, together with the Blue Diamond cream, creates a unique, modern Diamond Line from COLWAY. This unique product combines the properties and effect of mechanical peel, enzymatic peel and high quality anti-age cream. This innovative solution was created as a result of the use of biotechnologies developed in Poland and the combination of a dozen or so active substances that are characterized by a synergistic effect.

 The cosmetic cleanses the face of callous epidermis and impurities like any peeling, however, where other peels finish their action - Diamond Peeling is just beginning.

The standard task of each peeling is to prepare the skin for further care. In the process of peeling, young skin is discovered, which is characterized by significantly better sorption (absorption). The uniqueness of Diamond Peeling is that, like the Blue Diamond cream, it has been enriched with special penetration promoters and active ingredients of anti-age cream. The permeation promoters increase the sorption of active substances. Thanks to this, one cosmetic combines the process of cleansing the skin with the process of its care. As a result, after using Diamond Peeling, the skin is thoroughly cleansed and at the same time regenerated and nourished.

And most importantly ... it's Diamond. The abrasive used in the product is high quality diamond dust. This unique component is formed from the treatment of grinding stones on the diamonds, which can be carried out only by rubbing the diamond of the diamond and is the hardest , which met mineral in the universe. It can be found only in the composition of very expensive, extremely exclusive scrubs of theworld's best brands. The price of this component - in fact jewelery waste - builds the costs of its precise fractionation in terms of its molecular size, which allows the smallest abrasive used in cosmetics to be used in peeling.  


  • exfoliating dead cells
  • regenerating
  • stimulating the construction of a protective ceramide-lipid coat
  • stimulating fibroblasts for the production of body collagen
  • antioxidant
  • unifying skin tone
  • minimizing minor skin defects
  • moisturizers
  • minimizing acne
  • stimulating microcirculation
  • detoxifying
  • oxygenating
  • soothing, calming




  • an innovative formula combining a mechanical, enzymatic peel and anti-age cream in one product
  • effective cleansing with the least possible interference in the dermis
  • contains diamond dust - the most exclusive material for cleansing the skin



With systematic use, your skin will become smoother, better blooded, radiant and more flexible - simply younger and more beautiful. After using Diamond Peeling it will also be well-prepared for other beauty treatments, and at the same time it will be fantastically nourished. The peeling also has a calming effect - and de-skinned skin is healthy skin.



With systematic use, your skin will become smoother, better blooded, radiant and more flexible - simply younger and more beautiful. After using Diamond Peeling it will also be well-prepared for other beauty treatments, and at the same time it will be fantastically nourished. The peeling also has a calming effect - and de-skinned skin is healthy skin.


Lysozyme -  (muramidaza) - is rare in cosmetics, and in the formula used in the Diamond Peel - never because it was created by Dr. Jan Czarnecki. This strongest non-antibiotic bacteriostatic substance has a primarily preventive task in the COLWAY peeling. Protects the young skin discovered by the diamond abrasive from undesirable microorganisms. Other advantages of lysozyme  are only being discovered, as this enzyme has been recently admitted to cosmetic recipes.

Alexander Fleming valued the discovery of muramidase as more important than the invention of penicillin. He said  part of esto " time of lysozyme is yet to come." It's coming. Producers of peels with him in the composition boast of new generation products.


Coenzyme Q10  in our product works similar to vitamin E. Ubichinon is a recognized supplier of energy to every skin cell and a strong antioxidant. Its anti-aging effect is also expressed in the protection of the skin against UVA radiation.


Avocado oil -  for the sake of the richness of vitamins and good saturated monoliths, he makes a career in cosmetics, but hardly anyone knows that avocado flesh has always been used for home peels.


Jojoba oil -  in fact, it is not oil, but liquid wax, which  regulates sebum, softens and moisturizes the skin. Thanks to the protective filter it creates - it helps the skin to retain moisture.


Mango butter -   unrefined, pressed from the seeds, it is the source of many vitamins needed for the skin, while abundant stearin in itstabilizes the cosmetic mass and prolongs its durability.


Vitamin E -is found in many cosmetics addressed to people of all ages and regardless of skin type. However, in order to be able to work in such a short time as the contact with the peeling skin - it must be used in the form of a high concentration of the best tocopherol mixture. Then it neutralizes free radicals, also generated as a result of UV radiation. Protects collagen and elastin fibers. It activates and has a nourishing effect on the skin, improves its blood circulation, smoothes, firms, nourishes and moisturizes. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling properties.  

collagen -  was added to the Diamond Peeling in two forms: known from many COLWAY products, obtained by a patented method of biologically active hydrate and additionally: derived directly from its dissimilation of selected amino acids. Anti-aging activity of peptides and amino acids obtained in biotechnologies used by COLWAY does not require justification. The certificate is issued to them by many consumers.

Aloe extract -  it has been known for thousands of years that Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties. It soothes irritations, smoothes and moisturizes the skin.


D-panthenol - pro  vitamin B5 - which we find in many cosmetics, because it is a relatively inexpensive active substance, giving results confirmed in thousands of studies in the form of anti-inflammatory effects and acceleration of epidermal regeneration processes. At the same time, it is a natural humectant, i.e. prevents drying of the cosmetic mass, e.g. in dispensers.


Squalane -  obtained from olives, hypoallergenic non-cedogenic, is one of the components of our sebum, thanks to which it strengthens the natural barrier of the skin, makes it more resistant, regenerates, moisturizes and opens sorbently to other active ingredients

Mexican turtle  extracting this plant for cosmetic purposes is expensive, so it is rarely in INCI. It is a valuable natural source of acacnetin, a flavonoid whose power that soothes and calms Europe has not yet discovered. educates the effect of stressors on the skin, reduces the excessive temperature of its surface and soothes inflammation with rosacea.

glycosaminoglycans -  penetration promoters - in a unique formula, developed in 2017, which is characterized by a positive immune system response and full antigenic compatibility with the skin, and at the same time pharmacological efficacy (also used in ointments).

arbutin  in the form of a natural extract from bearberry, it has strong properties that light up small spots and discoloration of the complexion, evens uneven skin tone, soothes and curative the problematic skin. It is also a natural UV filter.

Diamond dust -  expensive and exclusive ingredient of the best peels,  used in microdermabrasion, because it is an ideal abrasive. The particles formed when diamond is brilliant are the smallest particlesthat can be used in peeling, thus the least invasive, and at the same time perfectly cleansing.

Subtilisin - the   most proven of the ingredients of enzyme peels. Stabilized using modern crystallization techniques. Effectively exfoliates dead skin cells and shows intense moisturizing effect. Clearly smoothes, softens and restores healthy skin color. Facilitates the penetration of active substances into the deeper layers of the skin. Subtilisin belongs to the so-called branded peels. safe ferments, ie those that effectively cut cellular bonds of the epidermis, but under the influence of contact with oxygen they quickly lose their activity. Therefore, they do not pose a threat that the thin layer of mass left behind will last too long, loosening the skin or irritating it.



For all skin types.

Especially recommended for face, neck and cleavage skin with signs of tiredness, aging and uneven coloring. Also excellent for contaminated skin with a tendency to acne or blackheads, sallow or uneven structure.



Start by thoroughly cleansing and cleansing facial skin with makeup and impurities. Then apply a scrub on the slightly moistened skin, avoiding the eye and mouth area.

The cosmetic should be massaged into the skin using wide, circular movements. Depending on the needs of the degree of skin contracture and skin type, leave for several (up to several) minutes. Rinse well with lukewarm water and gently dry the face with a towel.


Do not rub your skin too much and abruptly.